Free Rosette Beret Knitting Pattern

Just to celebrate the day. The red example above shows the +3x pattern repeat as does the yellow and grey one made with scraps below. A slouchier beret can be achieved by knitting +4x repeats. Click on link for the free pattern download. Would love to see one in the wild if you make it so feel free to share if you’d like to Instagram using the hashtag #rosetteberet

I’m currently tinkering with it to see if it works well with Aran weight yarn and reducing the needle size from 3.5mm to 3mm on the ribbing and from 4mm to 3.5mm on the crown. Will update pattern accordingly so check back if you’re interested in updates on modifications or adaptations made. It’s also worth noting that it you do make this, you can change up the number of knit rows after the ribbing and playing around with the repeats by introducing stripes to your beret. This is just a basic guideline, a starting point to do it your way.

One of the things I mention in the pattern is an alternative way to form the band rather than catching it up at the end with a sewn slip stitch. When reaching the end of the ribbing, I like to knit the facing stitches and corresponding bottom cast-on edge stitches together which forms a closed band and has just the right amount of elasticity to it. It’s the type of finishing used on necklines. Skip this step if you prefer to stitch it up.

Making the button cover for centre top.
Attach covered button at the underside by catch stitching around the edge of the button and the gathered beret crown.

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