The Dungarees Saga Continued..

A few years ago now, I treat myself to a pair of wool dungarees. I’d had my eye on them for a while. However when they arrived I was a bit disappointed with the finishing of them and wasn’t back sewing myself at this point. I didn’t wear them as often as I’d have liked to because everytime I put them on I discovered a new hole or unravelling at the unfinished seams of the wool. I was afraid it would get to be an embarrassing gape in an undesirable area in a public place. Something has to be done. Bear in mind please, this is a saga so exit now if you’ve got a cake in the oven.

Photos from December 2018. These are how the dungarees were sent to me. As you can see, fray is winning the battle.
Using my own attempt at a pattern to remake, reshape and refit.
These are the only photo I can find of the first remaking. I reused denim from old jeans and some kimono wool.
These were the finished dungarees after the first remaking in December 2018. I was delighted with them and managed to salvage the original wool and add more fabric into them too. The seams were mostly French and I was chuffed with the finishing on them.

Then, after wearing for a few months during that winter. I have a photo from the exact day that they were ruined when I took a tumble down the stairs.

With my Mum. I didn’t fall off my clogs or anything by the way, I just fall a lot. This was the last time I got to wear them with the lovely yellow sections.

Then May came about in 2019 and thought I’d use the opportunity to remake what I could during that month.

I unpicked the yellow kimono fabric from the front and back because during the fall, the fabric detached from the seams due to the looseness of the weave. I had to replace it all which meant a complete dismantling.
I chose a nice piece of English wool as a replacement. The weave was more stable.

So after all the unpicking and recutting had taken place, I set to remaking again and managed to get some in-progress pictures.

Pockets taking shape.
I changed the zip colour from to match up after swapping out the yellow used previously.
I like a zip to be enclosed between the main fabric and the facing so that the tape doesn’t scratch me.
This is them back together again in May 2019.

Then after all this, I put them somewhere and couldn’t find them. It’s bugged me for a full year searching high and low. Then just this morning after a household emergency (a fan and a light blowing up in the bathroom) I had to close a door that I wedge open and they were hanging behind the door.

Now I can get wearing them at last! (in cooler months of course)

The whole process of remaking these was a long one. Developing a pattern to use to recut took time and lots of tweaking. I’ve learned a lot along the way and it encouraged me to explore the design further and draft my own design which I’m extreme happy with and this has basically been what I’ve been working on when I am able enough to sew. Well, that and trying to work out the perfect basic woven top/shirt for my body which I’m also reaching a happy conclusion with. I’ve worn dungarees my whole life and am happiest in them so am looking forward to my future of making using some of my nicer pieces of material to make using my own pattern which is quite a bit different to the remade wool pair.

The bodice shape is different as is the way the straps attach. There’s a lot of crotch shaping and the centre pleat gives an ease of movement to accommodate a body that fluctuates several inches by the week.

Thanks for reading about the dungarees saga, I’ve written more about the pattern development further back in my blog Let The Dungarees Making Commence if this post isn’t blether heavy enough for you.

Photo taken this morning.