Sunday Sweater Mohair Edition By PetiteKnit

I’ve been working on the Sunday Sweater Mohair Edition by PetiteKnit for the past few weeks using yarn from a vintage coral cardigan that no longer fitted – so I pulled it back. It took ages to do this because mohair is really shaggy and prone too snaggle up. I salvaged most of the yarn from the cardigan but the button band and cuffs were not suitable to re-knit. I kid you not the floor has been swathed in mohair for the past few weeks, it gets everywhere. I’ve even seen from the corner of my eye, my beloved quietly removing hairs from his mouth. He never complains about the fallout from living with a crafter, I am ever so lucky he’s so tolerant.

I initially made the original version of the Sunday Sweater which is a different gauge. Seen here in Araucania Tepa (from a previously abandoned project I’d outgrown before completing)

I made the sleeves wider and cropped the length.

Soon after making this version I cast on the mohair edition but this time I wanted to modify the neck, sleeves, cuffs and bottom band. I had a particular shape in my head that I wanted it to be and didn’t want anything close fitting.

I cast on the 3XL size (the sizes have recently been expanded) for the yoke and the XL for the body and sleeves. However, I ballooned the sleeves by gradual increases to the cuff to give the dramatic shape I wanted.

During the knitting, it became obvious quite early on that I was going to run out of yarn. I tried knitting with some teal green stripes higher up on the arms at first but it took it out of the colour family I wanted this to belong to. I have a magic box of vintage mohair that I’ve collected over time from charity shops and by pulling things back and it never fails to produce something for me when I need it to. So I removed the teal colour and had a good old rummage in the box and found two balls of red, not from the same manufacturer but to my eyes a match. Marvellous.

Red tones are so hard to capture but it is darker in reality.

I would also like to mention that I was using a new set of interchangeable needles for this project. The ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties set in small.

Each needle size has the option of two lengths which is good when a shorter needle is needed for sleeve cuffs and necklines.

The needles themselves are very comfortable in the hand and quite pointed and I find I drop a few stitches with a blunter shape but not with these. The kit came with the blue wires for smaller lengths but I purchased the Twist wires separately in longer lengths to make this set more versatile. I’m not sponsored by anyone by the way mentioning this, I’m just happy to convey that they’re great in case anyone needs a recommendation for a good set.

The photo below shows what I wanted to achieve with the neckline, I widened it and in the process lowered it by omitting the doubled rib neckband.

I was so happy with the fit and shape of this in the end after a bit of tweaking, it’ll be a great pattern to use to utilise my mohair odd balls and I’m currently investigating a way to do intarsia in the round to make colour blocking rather than striping an option.

I used a different finish for the ribbing.
I’m very happy with switching between the sizes too.

I’m delighted with this project, for lots of reasons. I’m learning that it’s OK to take elements from designs to suit ones own style and not follow things to the letter. In the past I’ve knitted things and they’ve not been quite right for me so it’s better to brave it and have a go rather than be disappointed with the end result and not wear it. I will however knit the unadulterated version at some point for my sister as she likes a closer fit. Also, I’m so pleased to get to wear this colour again, I did love it previously as a cardigan – it’s very brightening. I shall add a photograph of it on when the opportunity arises/energies afford to go through the modelling rigmarole.

Many thanks for stopping by.