Good Night, Day Knits – A Knitsploration

Just a post to briefly talk about my knitting exploits using the book Good Night, Day – Minimalist Knitting Patterns by Tara-Lynn Morrison. I came across this last year whilst down the Ravelry rabbit hole and it looked like it was something I wanted to explore so initially I bought the Trefann sweater pattern and loved it for many reasons so decided to buy the e-book.

I have knitted quite a few Trefann sweaters now, some for myself and my Mum and sister also have one. They’re such a handy thing to pop on and with the voluminous sleeves can fit over most things and are great for layering. For the ones knitted as gifts I followed the instructions as given in the pattern but as I’m a larger scale person I needed to enlarge for me which is dead easy to do. Cast on more stitches, knit more rows etc. I estimate that I use an extra 100m of yarn than the patterns suggest when making for myself.

Here is a garment I remade, using the yarn held together with the mohair to give a more purposeful finished fuzz to the super chunky yarn. It was a very sad garment indeed previously, bobbled and misshapen.

I was so excited about the potential for using yarns held together to achieve gauge that I bought the book to play around with some of the other patterns.

This is my first Carlisle cardigan pattern (shown here in progress) and made from a single ply wool and vintage mohair stranded together, both from my yarn stock. The colour match between the two was almost perfect.

And here is my just finished Carlisle cardigan using a similar textured super chunky wool bought for a felting project but unused, this time I stranded it it with three threads of mohair yarn wound from a vintage cone.

I’m using Knit Pro Symfonie interchangeables for these projects.

I’m absolutely delighted with how these fit in with what I wear as I’m not really into close fitting cardigans and jumpers these days or fussy details. Not that I don’t enjoy knitting fussy, I do but I don’t particularly enjoy wearing them and like a more minimal style. Another reason these have been so enjoyable is that my grip isn’t always great and using bigger needles enables me to knit a bit more when previously it’s been out of the question at times so as knitting helps with anxiety for me it means I still get to have the benefit of it’s effects in projects like these.

The book itself still has many patterns for me to explore and it’s been an absolute gem so far!