Making A Sun Visor

I have at all times to avoid the sun for health reasons and even short UV exposure can make me poorly. Hence you won’t see me in anything without long sleeves, plenty of coverage is key. I wear year round total sun block. When protecting my eyes I reluctantly wear sunglasses, but I’m not a sun glasses for fashion type of person, they’re just not me. A few years ago I bought a pair of sun visor glasses, a strange amalgamation, but they felt a bit less odd than sunglasses alone.

I wondered last year if I could get away with wearing a full-on sun visor, I wanted something with an extreme peak that would shade my eyes from the side so I could maybe ditch the dark glasses. So I started digging around on Internetsville for a free pattern and came across this marvellous sun visor tutorial on Instructables.

I more or less followed it to the letter except perhaps making my peak a little longer but in future versions I’ll make it a tad shorter.

I used a really heavy interfacing as suggested and the fabric was leftovers from a Sanderson curtain wrap dress I’d made beforehand.

The construction was really straight forward and I didn’t deviate from the instructions because I didn’t have to as they were what I’d have done instinctively.

This is a great way to use up little scraps and also for getting that extra bit of protection from sunlight if you need it. Or even simply if you fancy wearing one!

Here’s the finished visor:

And here is a photo of it being worn with the wrap dress made from the same material.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy making one of you decide to.

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