Re-knitted & Re-purposed – Noro Hotchpotch Cardigan

When I lived on a boat I had much use for arm warmers but since living back on terra firma the couple of pairs that I’d knitted didn’t get much wear anymore. They were the Monkten Mittens by Jane Ellison from her book Noro Unlimited and I’d made mine from Noro Kureyon.

I decided to pull the both pairs back last year and re-work them into a cardigan, a bit ambitious really but anyway I had a few odds and sods of ball ends and a couple of complete balls of Kureyon that I’d been holding on to so I spent an age joining all the bits together by wet felting. I weighed the resulting balls and looked up online what weights corresponded to meterage for this yarn and worked out that I could knit the Tithe cardigan from the same book even though I’d have to size it up quite a bit. I had 486g in total and the largest size in the pattern called for 450g. I thought I’d wing it and if I ran out then I’d add some Drops Big Delight scraps in there to make up the short fall.

This is the Tithe cardigan from Jane Ellison’s book from 2006.

I set about knitting it in October last year and worked on it when I was able. I’ve had to move away from complicated knitting because I just haven’t the focus or processing to concentrate on involved designs like I used to, plus lots of the textured patterns add bulk I don’t need anyway. So simple is the key nowadays and nice and slow.

I was extremely stimulated by the colours as the work progressed and as it was such a melange, I didn’t know what colour would present itself next so I found it so enjoyable to have on my needles. I was almost sad when I’d finished it! I did have enough yarn in the end which was pleasing. Size wise, it turned out perfectly and I’d definitely use the pattern with my alterations to it again when I accrue more scraps, it goes well over dungarees. Until I’m able to get a photo of it on, these are some of it on the hanger just to get an idea but I’ll add others at another point in time.

Yarn is so expensive now, I am finding myself frogging things I’ve outgrown and making plans to repurpose the wool for garments that fit nowadays. I’m currently re-knitting a cable jumper into another cardigan, holding it together with some unused sock yarn to create a marl effect which adds interest to the simple stitches using my own experimental waterfall cardigan pattern. I’ll share details of this project another time though but in the meantime, thanks for reading.