Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

So knitting is currently quite challenging. I’d just started a new project – Erika Knight’s Siena top and the hands decided to swell making it difficult to operate.

But I’m trying a new way of holding the needle with the work on under my arm and using my left hand thumb to do the wrapping and pulling through. It’s a slow process and it’s obviously painful but I’m determined as this is a summer knit that it won’t be next year’s summer knit!

I’m using Drops Belle in 04 Dandelion as it’s a good substitute yarn for the Studio Linen which the pattern calls for I find. I’m knitting the XL and also adding length before the armhole shaping and also in the bust section as a full bust adjustment because if I don’t it would most likely ride up at the front in a curve. Am also thinking of adding extensions for the sleeve length which I’ll prefer to give me more coverage and therefore protection from light. I’m a huge fan of the Drops range and tend to use it where I can when buying new yarn and not re-using and re-knitting.

This is how far I’ve got with it up to now, very slow progress but progress nonetheless. It’s the back and I think I may be a bit overly optimistic in being able to finish it this summer but I’ll give it as good a crack as I can with limited dexterity.

Update 18/08/18

Finished this and will add a photo of it when it gets worn at a later point. I really like it on and had lengthened it by 10cm but if I knit it again will not make any alterations and do it straight from the pattern.