The Long And Short Of It

Hell on wheels, Mr SOTSM is tough on his threads. Only last week I mended his genie pants that were made from a silk sari as they’d developed holes. I’d made them for him to be comfy in when he was in hospital a couple of years back and since then they’ve been a favourite wear in warmer weather. These are said pants:

Last night however we noticed yet another foot wide tear across the buttock region, it seemed the silk just couldn’t cope with any more wear. I will save the legs though to try and incorporate into some future project, perhaps sleeves for a dress or top. So it’s hot here and Mr SOTSM needs lightweight lounging pants, it’s become an emergency in my head this afternoon. We selected some fabric from my stash late on last night that was to his taste and I set about making them this afternoon. I worked out I could manage to squeeze a full length pair and some shorts out of the 3m of robot print cotton. I used my old makes as a template, it’s a fairly simple design. Elasticated waist, job’s a good un.

We were going along grand my machine and I until the tension went awry and I couldn’t work out what was wrong. I disassembled and cleaned, there was no lint really to speak of as I’m an obsessive machine maintainer. Anyway, the long and short of it after an hours fettling was that one of the tension discs had slipped, I guess during the vibration of my machine on my old gate leg table. So I reset it and it seems to be OK.

Towards the end of the making, I decided that I’d like to make them a bit more fun and not quite as kiddie like (I’m not overly fond of graphic prints by my man loves them) so I decided to think about robots for an hour or so. The first thing that came to mind was the song I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys. So I made a patch by block printing the verse lyrics onto a scrap of cotton using fabric ink:

It’s a bit rough and ready but mentions robots from 1984, this is probably a tenuous robot link but I liked it, however I began to think a little deeper about robots.

The person who first coined the word robot was Karel Čapek in his 1920 play Rossums’s Universal Robots or R.U.R. as it’s more widely known. I remembered reading a book of quotes of his a while ago and one of them struck me at the time and that was ‘nothing is stranger to man than his own image’ He was a pretty interesting writer was Čapek and a great thinker.

I was now happy with my high and low brow robotisms, so I fashioned that quote of his as another thing to stick on the robot pants and heat fixed them with an iron. I couldn’t quite decide where to put them so I deemed fate would play a hand when I threw them up and they landed where they wanted to be. They both landed on the one leg, so that’s where they’d stay.

I also opted to make a label of my own blether from today for the back of the shorts pair. A bit of a manthem but ‘he who wears, wins’ came to mind and I popped that on the back of the legs. It would amuse Mr SOTSM if nothing else:

I’ve just taken a couple of photos before he comes home, hope he likes them!

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