Last Year’s Most Worn

Just a quick post to talk about this (portmanteau alert) coatigan. Made around this time last year and probably worn every day since is the Bianca by Sew Me Something – a pattern which I jumped on upon it’s release.

I decided to make it from a Danish army blanket which had several properties which appealed to me at the time, firstly it was warm, secondly it was grey and thirdly it was made from recycled fibres that are re-felted to together and zig-zag stitched over the top. I set to work one evening and it must have taken all of two hours to make, not that I was in a rush but it is an amazingly well thought out simple pattern, well drafted is what I mean to say! Anyway, this was my first attempt and all the seam finishing calls for overlocked edges which have stood up to wash and wear extremely well. I’ve been more or less cocooned in this every evening but lately I’ve encountered a problem with it. The fabric is starting to wear thin through too much wear. The thought of not having a Bianca to shove on every night fills me with horror so I’ve hatched a plan to make not one but two replacements.

I will post my progress with them here but will give a slight overview of what I’m going to do. I’m not so keen on making things that won’t last so for the first one I’ve invested in a lovely piece of lilac/black checked Irish wool mohair mix. I’ve actually laundered it to make it felted and bouncy, it came up a treat:

I’m going to finish the edges for the cardigans with binding tape. Black for the one above and purple for the next one:

This is the blanket I had on my bed as a child, it’s Welsh wool from a mill long forgotten (I unpicked the label with my kiddie fingers yonks ago) It was originally Angel Delight pink which I don’t rock so I’ve dyed it and am very happy with the results. For both of the new Biancas I wanted to colours to be muted in tones that I’ll always wear and for the fabric to be of full wool content and be strong and serviceable. Will update when I start the project and flesh things out more.

I will also be using my original worn out Bianca as the lining/base for a quilted version.



Both coats have since been made:

Will add photos of the lilac one when I get chance but this is the beetroot stain coloured childhood blanket version. It’s really crumpled from wear!

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    1. Hello Liz, I seem to have got a bit waylaid with the Biancas after a spell of hot weather in the U.K. but hope to resume construction in a month or so they’ll be ready for autumn. Thanks for taking time to stop by!


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