Upcycled Blanket Jumper

In some parts of the world I’ve heard a loose fitting pinafore is also called a jumper so I’ll just clarify that I’m referring to a sweater or pullover as a jumper here as I’m from Northern England and that’s what we say round our way. I like the word pullover though as that’s what you do to get it on but I’ve never got into the swing of using that term. Anyway, I have finally had a bit of a sew for the first time this year, a gentle project to ease me back in and I’m keen to finish some things that need a coat of looking at as it were.

A few years ago I decided to make a jumper out of a vintage knitted blanket as it was a lovely monochrome wool with a striking pattern so I sewed it together and then reached a standstill when it came to binding the neck, sleeves and bottom so I overlocked it and have worn it like this for several years:

However, I knew it could be better and it’s been on the cards for ages to find knitted binding to finish it off. I have searched intermittently for some time and drew a blank. I didn’t want to make my own from jersey as I wanted it to have a tightly knitted woollen texture like the main garment. Amazingly, whilst looking for something else in one of my supplies boxes I found the perfect stuff to bind it. Already in stock, bless my stash. It’s something I’d picked up from a suppliers of military ribbon many millennia ago and there was just enough to finish the job.

It’s not got any stretch to it so I measured round the neck, cuff and bottom apertures and made loop bindings which went on a treat.

After topstitching the bindings for neck and sleeves I steamed them into shape with the iron.

A slightly different approach was taken with the hem as I had purposely steamed it previously into a flared and fluted shape to add a bit of interest as boxy doesn’t really work for me so I stretched the body as I applied the binding (contrary to the usual method!) so the shaping was more pronounced.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and though I’ve worn it loads over the years so far I feel a lot better about it being finished properly now. Eventually!

Just a note to add too that I attempted a selfie today and it wasn’t as much of a hassle as I imagined to show my makes in this way after all. Shown with Simple Sew striped cocoon dress in cotton jersey and self drafted slouch pants in floral cotton/viscose mix jersey.

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    1. Ah thank you so much Jessie! I’m going through a right purple phase at the moment so glad the monochrome breaks it up a bit! My pants are almost hareem style but not as long in the crotch, very comfy indeed. I copied the dress off one that I’d seen in Gudrun Sjoden’s catalogue as almost bought it and then thought no I will make one as I had very similar fabric in my stash and the Simple Sew pattern with sleeve mods seems to replicate it. Hope all’s well with you and thanks as always for your supportive comments and for having s mosey at my post X Josie


  1. I love this jumper! (I’d like to use ‘sweater’ personally, but it feels too weird!)
    How did I not see your blog before?! … I’m looking forward to a good read when I get a bit of down time 👍


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! My partner and I have the whole bread products debate barms/baps/teacakes/muffins it really does fascinate me – the regional differences. I always enjoy seeing what you’re getting up to with your making, hope your teaching is going well, you sound so busy! x Josie

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