The Farrow Chronicles: Tartan Mash Up

I’ve been playing around lately with my favourite dress pattern – the Farrow dress by Grainline Studios to see how much mileage I can get from it and whether it can withstand my bastardisation. 

This weekend I used the pattern as a block to two inches below the bust dart I add as part of my FBA and LBA. If you’re reading this and don’t know what these acronyms mean then it may be amusing or confusing   but I CBA going into it today as this is just a quick log of my process before it gets lost in the fug. I started off with a large shop bought denim pinafore dress which did nothing for me and I’d tampered with adding a bust dart to shape it and raised the pockets to a useable position but I just felt like a sack of shite in it. 

Also highlighted for a fresh lease of life was a small woollen tartan kilt of clan unknown:

I had originally intended to make the whole of the top in the tartan but on appraising the situ it was a few inches short for my sleeve needs so I engaged the use of my neighbour’s donated jeans to use for the purpose instead and decided to mix and reverse the cuff and facing accents with both fabric types shown here on the sleeve construction:

All the seams were bound with bias tape and I re-did the seams of the skirt part that I’d be grafting onto the bodice with binding too.

It was finished yesterday evening and I wasn’t entirely sure at the time what was not right with the neckline in the photo here:

And here’s a sidey, the pockets were relocated to their correct position and the dark artefacts of the wash process are hidden again. Almost.

Getting back to the neck then, it irked me so I unpicked it and reduced the size by a smidgeon around the front lower curve and I’m much happier with it. It’s comfortable and fits where I like it to and will get a lot more use than the denim pinafore was getting I’m certain. If I was to fix a skirt section to this bodice in the future, I’d straighten the outer seam and do away with the A-line of the Farrow block by bringing it in a few inches at the sides so that it wasn’t as voluminous but I’m happy I can seek a bit of refuge in the space this dress affords for now! 

I’m looking forward to trying out lots of different ways to make different styles with one pattern as I have done a lot of adjustments to adapt it to my body’s needs and it makes sense to see what the pattern can do with a few tweaks here and there. This version couldn’t be picked out in a line-up as a Farrow but it is at heart.