Brace(let) Yourself

Last year a bunch of plastic knitting needles came into my possession that had been in distant branches of the family, my Mum was sorting through some things and thought because I’m the only knitter left that I might like them. Sadly I didn’t actually like them for their intended use as I really have found the Knitpro Symfonie range are all I need and use now. So I had the notion of fashioning them into bangles which I do like and in their variety of hues thought they’d be rather fetching. 

So I put the oven on, put some on a baking tray and voila! They were a crumbly brittle mess – not what was anticipated. Fast forward a year after shelving the idea and a sprinkling of thinking time, they caught my eye again this morning. It occurred to me that the problem with baking them to make them pliable was the dry heat so decided to boil them, rather like spaghetti. 

I prepared a large stock pot with three boiled kettles of water to speed up the process. I used a jam jar for the mold and a pair of tongs to lift the needles from the bubbling abyss. My first attempt is shown here:

Seeing that it had gone rather well I decided to make a few more so set about letting each needle bubble away for about three minutes. After lifting them out and wrapping them quickly round the jar I then placed a wooden clothes peg around the end and the start to hold them in the new shape whilst they cooled in a bowl of icy water.

I plan on giving them as gifts but to keep one or two also (I like the yellow one!)

It might make a fun supervised activity for kids to make for their friends, I’m certain these old needles are widely available for very little coin. I’m glad it all worked out after all, things do seem to in the end! 

4 thoughts on “Brace(let) Yourself”

  1. What an awesome idea! I did laugh at the first attempt where they crumbled in the oven… that’s probably how it would turn out if I tried it πŸ˜‚ well done for thinking of the water though! It’s always good to repurpose stuff, and these are such lovely colours 😍

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    1. πŸ˜‚I was livid as I’d used the best colours, some purples and amazing greens. I was convinced it was going to work like melting scratched vinyl records to make fruit bowls did. How wrong I was! The spaghetti method worked a treat though and on reflection the larger gauge works best as some of the thinner ones seem to regain a little memory and try to creep back into their former selves! πŸ˜‚X


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