Having not taken part in a sewing challenge before I find myself interested in re-making a couple of my horrific attempts at cardigans from when I first got an overlocker and started sewing with knits. It’s not that they’re badly made at all, in fact I suprised myself at how much I enjoy sewing with knitted fabrics and haven’t really had any issues to speak of in the construction process. It’s just that they’re overly big and pocketless.  Not right at all.

Back in the bubble of making at that time,  I wasn’t using patterns at all for any of my sewing other than those I drafted and was going through an experimental phase. As dear reader you will no doubt have experienced yourself, not all the fruits of wild sewing are practical and indeed wearable. 

Not to bang on too much as yet on the details of what will be refashioned,  I plan to make the slouchy cardigan pattern by In The Folds out of one of my aforementioned attempts as I’m hoping there will be enough fabric available to make it,  if not I’ll try to adapt the pattern and finally have something I’m happy to wear at the end of it. 

I’m currently on a no fabric buying year hence a lot of remaking and reusing other garments at the moment which I think I’m enjoying more than if I were to have all the fabrics at my disposal to make whatever I wanted.  

I came across the challenge this week and it’s jointly organised by @amandaturner1977 (Instagram) or Amanda of I Sew A Lot (You Tube) and I’m keen to join in and re-make the two that aren’t working for me into something that will using someone else’s pattern.  I will further update with progress so just throwing this out into the ether meanwhile.